Forward – I titled this post “It all started with writing a letter…” but it keeps getting published as “aside”. I don’t know why. I don’t have time to fix it.

Like the digs? WordPress started me out with this “chateau” layout and I’m just going to flow with it for now because I have more important things to do that waste my time right now “cutesying” or “butching” up this new blog of mine. So much to say, so little time! Besides, it’s rather symbolic and can remind us of Louis XVI and what happened when he blew all the people’s money on parties and golfing. Oh, golfing didn’t exist back in 17th century France? Yeah, whatev.

So, time for me to jump in. See whether this mom sinks or swims in this dog-eat-cat poo political world we live in. Welcome to my blog. If you haven’t read the ‘about’ section, might I suggest that as well for some extracurricular entertainment?

It all started Thursday afternoon when I spent my afternoon nap time (i.e. kid #2 napped, I didn’t get to) writing a letter to the current president of the United States. Might as well start at the top and work my way down, right? After I had about a page typed up in Word, I went searching for the site to submit it electronically. (You know how paper letters are so last decade, right?) Once there, I found I was tied down to a comment box that could be filled with no longer than 2500 characters. What? No filibustering? Or, you don’t want to read my transcriptions of Tolstoy’s War and Peace (not that I’ve even read that) or “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” fill up the box? Man, did I have to take my written opinions to the chopping block to fit those constituents! (Politicians, take note.) And I did it all in less than two hours. That’s probably why it’s not my best but still, I try. Wanna read it? (Read that last sentence in a creepy, “wanna see a booger in the shape of Abe Lincoln?” voice.)

I had to do away with social niceties as well as the final period in order to squeeze so much in. I probably just should’ve written two letters or something. But even just one felt like a waste of time as it’s just peon interns who read his “fan mail” anyway and “file” it away.

Begin letter – “I won’t be surprised with just an automated “thank you” reply from a computer. I’m just a mom…but I have to speak up.

As the one who does most of the shopping/budgeting in this house, I can clearly see you are trying to buy filet mignon on a bread and pb budget, if even that. And then you’re thinking you can split that up equally amongst everyone. Like Jesus?

I see a lot of excessive government squandering of my tax dollars going on. For one, I see the welfare system blatantly misused nearly every time I go through a grocery line; someone with SNAP, buying brand-name foods when they could stretch that money with a cheaper generic brand. It’s like a teen with daddy’s credit card, blowing it on shoes rather than the cheese they were sent to the store for! And don’t get me started on those with shiny iPhones!

Yes, there are people in need and so the welfare system needs a serious overhaul. Education on budgeting would be highly beneficial. And I’m not suggesting just a paper brochure. Who am I kidding?! Congress needs education on budgeting! I’d love to buy Digiorno Pizza but it’s just not in my budget! We can‘t be like Oprah, “here’s a puppy for you, you and you! Everybody gets a puppy!”

Yes, you have worked hard to get where you are now but you have been a poor example during these economic trials. Aren’t we flaunting it a bit much? I wish I could take my kids on vacation more often, somewhere without leaky air mattresses. And golfing? Rubbing elbows with Hollywood? This brings to mind some historical political figures. Louis XVI? (Hello, NSA watchlist. I’m a mom!)

If you want to have/keep more public support, humble your image. Volunteer at a soup kitchen monthly. Rub elbows with veterans, who risked their lives for you and me. Be an example to your daughters. The Halloween candy they collect that mom just throws away after they pick out a few prized treats? (Read that in a magazine. That’s your neighbors’ money you’re throwing away!) Take it to children who don’t have similar opportunities.

Being in your current position, cameras constantly following, set a better example.  Passing laws and exempting yourself is not lawful. If the American people must live by the ACA law, so should you AND congress. You are not royalty. As a mom, it’s “do as I do, not as I say”. It’s hard not to sneak chocolate when my kids aren’t watching but if I say no sweets until after dinner, shouldn’t I also follow that rule? YES! Politicians, quit acting like toddlers! All of you” – End letter.

So there you go. I wrote a letter. I’ve started a blog. I’m messing around with opened cans of worms. My kids love to play with worms, why shouldn’t I? Comment at will, it’s back to the kitchen for me.