Many business owners and entrepreneurs know the saying, “Ya gotta spend money to make money.” And while I agree, I can only agree to a certain extent. When I was in college, I was talked into selling Mary Kay cosmetics. It seemed like a good idea at the time; my own female genetics draw me to makeup like a moth to the flame. Trouble is, I got a little too close to the flame and managed to burned my wings. I blindly followed my director and put too much money into setting up an inventory. In fact, I already had one credit card to begin with and signed up for a second one through MK. Smart idea? Nope, nope, NOPE! But I was still young and learning about finances. The director lady said I needed a good-sized inventory in order to get started selling but what I really discovered later was, specifically with MK makeup, you should really start first with some clientele to buy from you, of which I had none and never managed to get much of. So, my inventory sat in my parent’s basement, collecting dust, as I tried to get friends and family to host parties where I could peddle the product. My support was few, therefore I failed. I also lost money I could’ve used for another semester of college, as well as saddled up with two credit cards I needed to pay off…on time or else.

Okay, I will confess I had a little help out of the hole I dug myself. (Yes, I take blame for my mistakes now. I blamed MK for a while and the director, but eventually came to terms that it was my own fault overall.) My parents paid off one credit card for me while I went and got a real job (i think that was the season of Taco Bell, yuck) to pay off the other one. My parents also helped me get my feet back to into school since I didn’t want to work fast food for the rest of my life.

In the end, I am forever indebted to them, even though they refuse to accept repayment and often leave behind money hidden in odd places after coming out to visit the grandkids. I try to spend that money a little more wisely nowadays. Thank you, ma and pops.

So, I briefly compared the US government to a big business yesterday (and their budget to a household budget, if you recall). It’s the same deal, there’s only so much money you can throw in before you’ve got to reevaluate if things aren’t working. Raise the debt ceiling? Should I have gotten another credit card amidst my mess so as to “help” me out? Of course not! Cut out some real unnecessary things? Yup. It sucks but it has to be done. I had no “fun money” while paying off my debt and going to school.

Here’s another thing I’m rather perturbed about. Why the hell are politicians getting paid so damned much?! How the freak can we get politicians’ salaries lowered?! I have a feeling those those fat cats are paid waaaay too much! Oh, they’ve worked their way up the ladder so they deserve such? They’re all still getting paid the big bucks during this government shutdown because they’re the ones “working” and are the “vital part” of the government. Oh and those “unnecessaries” who’ve been furloughed for the past week and still ongoing? It was voted upon and easily passed, and call me heartless if you so choose, but all those workers pretty much just got paid vacations. If they’re going to get paid in the end, then put them back to work! 

Why are these politicians in charge of their own salaries?! They vote and pass the stuff so as to raise their own pay! Perhaps we, the people, need to be the ones voting on that. WE, THE PEOPLE! Doing a good job? Sure you can have a raise and a pat on the back, perhaps a scratch behind the ear, too. Crappy job? No deal, get back to work, buttmunch, until you get voted out. Or, perhaps serving in the government should be strictly voluntary and free of payment? What, too revolutionary a tactic? What about minimum wage?

Oh now there’s another topic! Minimum wage. In all technicality, it should be called entry-level wage. But alas, I’ll have to leave that one for another day as Sesame Street is almost over and I have some dishes left in the sink to clean. We need some of those in order to eat lunch. Or maybe I should just buy new dishes and keep adding to the pile rather than cleaning up the messes…