Finally, a moment back here. And finally, the government shutdown has ended. Don’t start partying and rejoicing just yet though. I’m betting something come January. Nobody can seem to get along over there in D.C. and the money-burning and head-butting over budgets will forever continue. Will they ever get things under control? Eh, call me pessimistic Patty…

I’m exhausted today, have been for a whole week…scratch that…always been tired. I don’t really have much oomph to rant today but here are some old sayings to ponder:

The grass may be greener on the other side…but somebody is still mowing and fertilizing it. Another country may look like it’s doing better than us but pay closer attention. Is universal health care really working in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia? Ask my husband about what he saw when he was in Australia for two years. Do other countries really have better education programs and better test scores than the US? I’m rather leery of that Common Core crap that’s started hitting the fan just now. Sorry government, get your fingers out of education. You just keep screwing things up. No child left behind?

There is no such thing as a free lunch…somebody is always paying for it, whether they do it willingly or not. I will admit we were on WIC for about a year. I felt guilty for using the whole time. Yes, according to the government, we are below the poverty line and shouldn’t be able to subsist on our own means. But guess what? I quit taking WIC benefits and we’ve been doing just fine and dandy without the government’s help! Sure, I wish we could have more than just an antennae and Netflix (streaming only, no DVD delivery) for TV, I’d love a new cell phone (perhaps even that $30/month a data plan), perhaps going out for some fried chicken whenever the hankering hits. But we’ve cut things out of the budget so we can pay the more important bills and buy food with our own hard-earned money.

And lastly, the leaves always gather at the fence. Deadlines are deadlines. That compromise congress just made will only last until January when things will start up yet again. Move the fence and the leaves will just gather there yet again. Whether it involves a shutdown, whatever. Frankly m’dear, I don’t give a damn today. I’m just going to raid the cupboards for some chocolate. Now please excuse me as my presence is requested elsewhere.