I like to occasionally do what I call “verbal diarrhea”. Sounds gross but it’s quite cathartic. It’s where I just plop almost everything in my brain out for others to wade through, should they so choose. You should try it sometime. It’s less messy and you don’t have to light a candle afterwards… 😛

It’s as if there’s this unwritten rule that, if you believe in God, you mustn’t believe in science, and vice versa. Probably not completely true and sure, others like me exist but perhaps I’m just being oblivious today. I’m testing the waters in being vocal about my belief and trust in a higher being as well as enjoying swimming in the waters of science and sharing what I find on the entire beach. I can have my cake and eat it, too, ya know?

Science is ever changing and full of theories and speculations that are proved or disproved over time by multiple brains being put together. But in my own humble opinion, science can neither prove nor disprove there is proof of a higher being. (Besides, the dude is smarter than us earthly humans, duh! He’s the master of hide and seek, putting clues out there to those who are paying attention and keep following along.) My faith is like a personal hypothesis. (Yes, Buddy the dinosaur, who, when the series wraps up, it will be because you ate your entire family because YOU’RE A T-REX and, by the way, is the Dinosaur Train a TARDIS? But I digress humorously,yes, an idea you can test). I test it daily and it’s still around, even after my floating around in science and medicine blogs and facebook groups.

There are times and places to keep the two separate. This blog is my territory so the two will likely mix occasionally along the road. I’m just warning you ahead of time. This is me. This is my blog. This is my turf. My only rule? Don’t come here to fling poo. I won’t clean it up. I’ll leave it for everyone to see you’re a stinky poo flinger.

Though I often wish to fit in somewhere and be accepted by others, I also am one to not always follow the crowd.  If the crowd isn’t going where I want to go, I’ll drift off in my own direction till I get lonely and hopefully find another group of people. And the cycle continues. I am coming to terms, finally after thirty years, that I like my individuality.

Why am I occasionally suspicious of large groups? Mr. Genius and I enjoy quoting Agent K of the movie Men in Black, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” It’s the mob mentality. Not that I’m saying all groups of people are bad (groups can get things done, two heads can be better than one, etc.) but one must be careful what groups you follow and make sure you’re not giving up your own individuality. There sure are some crazy trains out there. Watch which ones you jump on and ride. Heck, this blog might even be one of those crazy trains! I don’t know where it’s going but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Edited to add – estimated time of arrival of next Chem181x lessons will be as soon as I finish a couple more videos in between cleaning the bathrooms. I will warn you, though, it’s a foggy and rainy Monday.