The third value experience for Individual Worth was an effort to increase an awareness of the worth of others. D&C 18:10 reads: Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.

For two weeks, I worked on being more aware of praising my children and acknowledging their accomplishments; whether it was simple things like saying my daughter was looking extra beautiful that day, how well she was reading, or thank you to Bubs for making Stormaggedon smile.

I chose this value experience to complete as it happened to correlate with the apple experiment and was a good opportunity to teach my children about the importance of what we say and building up the confidence of others. When we spent time during breakfast sharing nice things about each other after talking to the apples, I noticed our day went smoother and there was even more of a spring to our step.

As for building up/tearing down the confidence of apples? Apparently, apples don’t like “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam” or  Carly Rae Jepsons “I really really like you” sung to them…

apple experiment